Deep Learning 2018

This is the ultimate residential bootcamp and hackathon of the best of the best intermediate/expert machine learning practitioners in the academic community and the industry.

It is always all-expense paid- free accommodation, tuition and food. Expert and hands-on data scientists are traveling to Nigeria to facilitate classes.

Securing a seat is intense and follows these steps:

  • Download Data Science Nigeria 90-day pre-qualification Study manual on Machine Learning and Deep Learning key topics here. You can study the materials in groups and/or attend all the special classes that will hold at the AIHub in person or via online channels
  • Participate in an Image Classification Kaggle competition between September 8th and 25th 2018. Please note that you cannot do this as a group. Every submission must be an individual submission. Any act of collusion or group cheating will lead to disqualification of all the parties involved.


  • There will a telephonic validation quiz to authenticate the Kaggle submission made by each participants between September 25th and 30th 2018
  • The best 75 participants shall be invited to the bootcamp running between 10th and 15th October, 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Travel, Food, Accommodation and Lectures – FREE
  • Preferential seats for female (at least 20% from the current 6.2%)