2019 Programme of Activities and Description

2019 Activities Time Date/Frequencies
AI+Wed : Weekly Machine Learning Introductory Class at the AI Hub, University of Lagos 3 – 5pm Every Wednesday
AI+ Monthly Professional Meet-Up 6-8pm 3rd Fridays every month
AI+ Dial-in Masterclass 6-10am Last Saturdays every Month
AI+ Dial-in Researchers Forum 6 – 10pm 2nd Sunday every month
Opening of Financial Inclusion Lab in partnership with Lagos Business School and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. January 2019
1st AI+ Researchers Seminar with Dr Stephen Odaibo at the University of Lagos 10-12pm 16-Jan-19
Launch of AI+ Clubs in secondary schools at International School, University of Lagos 12.30 – 1pm 16-Jan-19
1st AI+ Monthly Professional Meet-Up with Dr Stephen Odaibo 6 – 8pm 16-Jan-19
US-based Retina-AI recruitment meet-up 10 – 2pm 17-Jan-19
AI+ Club Meet-Ups Once or twice a month
Terragon Hackathon on Look-Alike Challenge 1 – 24 Feb
AI for Social good Hackathon March 2019
Pre-Bootcamp 30days of Mathematics for Machine Learning 1 – 31 March
Opening of AI Hub Owerri April, 2019
Career Development Seminar – Building a world-class AI career 01-May-18
Pre-Bootcamp 100 days of Machine Learning and Deep Learning May 1 to Sept 20
AI Summer School for Grades 5-9 Batch 1 5 – 9 Aug
AI Researchers Conference Call for Posters (MSc/PhD stream) 10-Aug-19
AI Bootcamp 2019 Selection Kaggle/Zindi Competition for InterCampus Machine Learning Competition and Deep Learning Nigeria 23 Sept – 23 Oct
AI Summer School for Grades 5-9 Batch 2 12 – 16 Aug
AI Summer School for Grades 5-9 Batch 3 19 – 23 Aug
AI Bootcamp – Publication of participants for AI Researchers stream 15-Sep-19
Post Kaggle Validation Call for InterCampus Machine Learning Competition and Deep Learning Nigeria 24 Oct- 3 Nov
AI Bootcamp – Publication of participants for InterCampus Machine Learning Bootcamp and Deep Learning Nigeria 5-Nov-19
Artificial Intelligence for Executives/Business Leaders 15-Oct
Artificial Intelligence Summit with AI Ideas Pitch 8am to 2pm 16-Oct
2019 AI Bootcamp for 3 streams : AI Researchers, Intercampus Machine Learning and Deep Learning Nigeria – fully residential and all-expense paid for best 150 participants 19 Nov to 23 Nov
National Artificial Intelligence contribution and submission to the government. March to October, 2019

AI+ Researchers Forum

  • AI+ Researcher Forum is aimed at raising the standard in research excellence for academic and industry researchers in Machine & Deep Learning. The platform will provide an opportunity for budding researchers to learn from renowned and experienced researchers through regular paper review sessions and one-on-one mentoring.
  • On a monthly basis, the forum will select leading academic papers, published on leading platforms like arxiv.org or presented at leading conferences (NeurIPS, ICML etc.) for a collective knowledge sharing review. The intent is to pre-read the papers and run a scheduled 3-hour dial-in session with the writer to discuss the theoretical underpinning, review the methodology and learn key best practices, while the author(s) also provide answers to questions raised by the participants.
  • Papers for consideration will be selected based on relevance to emerging market, contribution to knowledge, emerging trends and breakthrough areas in AI research.
  • The session will every last Sunday every month 6-9pm Nigerian time.
  • The forum will also hold an annual 5-day residential conference, holding as a stream within the 5-day AI bootcamp as an academic research conclave to learn how to learn emerging theoretical principles, review papers and discuss new research approaches for world-class research in AI
  • The forum will also have an annual 1-day Meet-The-Industry poster session to showcase their latest research works for industry partnership, support, endorsement and application. This will hold during the annual AI for Executive session.
  • Target for the platform are Academicians, Post-doctoral researchers, PhD/MSc students and motivated researchers.
  • The forum will regularly mobilise and support community members to make paper/poster submissions at international conferences.
  • The Forum will provide regular grants and travel incentives to leading researchers to attend local and international events – based on available fund.


AI+ Club in Higher Institutions

  • AI+ Club is a knowledge community of students in higher institutions (universities, polytechnics and colleges of education) who are passionate of learning and application of Machine Learning in multidisciplinary context. It will therefore have members from various departments and will meet twice a month.
  • The first monthly meeting will be to learn Machine Learning based on AI+ curriculum and to support the growth of the community through accountable use of our AI+ Knowledge Box (collection of countless openly published YouTube videos on world-class teaching, conferences, interviews and documentaries on Artificial Intelligence. This means that the excuse of lack of internet will not be a disincentive for willing AI enthusiast to groom heir capacity through first-world content.
  • Each campus AI+ Club will have Group mentors (local and international), who regularly dials in to mentor, engage and support the development of the students’ AI community
  • The club will also mobilise participation in the annual Intercampus Machine Learning competition by organising special classes during the preparation session.
  • Each campus chapter will be headed by a volunteer, Chief Mobilisation Officer, and is appointed based on knowledge, ability to mobilise community, credentials and leadership quality.
  • Each active member of the AI+ Club is also encouraged to be a mentor to a secondary school AI+ Club to teach AI using our video and free book series
  • Members of AI Club will be able to participate[ate in InterCampus Machine Learning competition and quality for the all-expense-paid 5-day AI Bootcamp
  • High performing members will be recommend for internships in leading partners’ firms.


AI+ Club in Primary/Secondary Schools

  • This is a school-based knowledge community, in partnership with the ICT units of public and private schools in Nigeria, aimed at introducing Grades 4-9 students to Introductory Python programming and Machine Learning concepts.
  • Best participating students quality for our Artificial Intelligence Summer School running every August
  • Each school group will be able to access our free book on Python and video contents
  • AI+ mentor visits the school at least once a month to support students, working with the local ICT instructors or department
  • Parent may adopt our mentors as private home teachers to accelerate their ward’s growth in Python and Machine Learning


Wed+AI Every Wednesday, we run Machine Learning Introductory classes to support growth of anyone between 3 and 5pm


AI+ Professional Meet-up

  • AI+ Professional Meet-Up is a monthly masterclass and business engagement meeting to discuss emerging trends, best practices and practical use cases in Machine Learning application within the industry domain.
  • It is a meet-up aimed at driving industry-level capacity building for entry-level to middle-level management staff in data/business analysis, AI enthusiasts, data-passionate professionals and executives.
  • This session will also explore use cases of drag-and-drop suites for business level decision-making
  • Experienced local and international experts will facilitate the classes and will run every 3rd Friday of the month at a published location in Lagos
  • Regional events will also hold outside Lagos on regular basis to achieve broad-based participation.


AI+ Masterclass

  • AI+ Masterclass is a monthly knowledge sharing session by leading global experts who dials in into a scheduled class. Some of the sessions will hold as physical sessions provided the experts are in the country for the session.
  • The sessions combine best-in-class theoretical concept and use cases to deepen capacity of the community and drive for state-of-the-art AI application.
  • The expert instructors will be established names in their specialities while classes will focus on broad theoretical concepts, especially emerging issues that are discussed at leading international AI conferences.
  • The intent is to stimulate learning and embed cutting-edge knowledge within the community.
  • Sessions may also be hands-on as instructors may share assignments and class works to ensure comprehension and hands-on skill transfer.
  • These masterclasses will run every 3rd Sunday of the month between 6pm and 9pm
  • The platform will also be used to popularise the AI 100Days of ML and 30 days of Maths


AI+ Bootcamp

  • Deep Learning Nigeria is the ultimate residential bootcamp and hackathon for the best of the best intermediate to expert machine learning practitioners in the academic community and the industry in Nigeria. The bootcamp will feature world-class hands-on learning and project-oriented tasks based on real world problems/data from leading local and international organisations.


  • InterCampus Machine Learning competition is a program designed to raise a generation of data scientists and Artificial Intelligence experts from all Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics.

AI+ Summer School for Kids is a hands-on engagement of students in Grade 5 to 9 to get exposed to the possibilities in Artificial Intelligence through classroom learning of Python, application of coding skills in basic Robotics and introductory machine learning (regression through linear graph equation)


AI+ Summit: This is the annual knowledge and best practice gathering of leading practitioners, experts and business users of Artificial Intelligence to discuss emerging trends, global best practice and innovation. The 2019 edition will include AI ideas Pitch for young techpreneurs and investors.


AI+ DataHacks: This is an industry-focussed practical application of Machine learning theories through a competitive access to an industry data. It is a hands-on immersion that provides a platform/data to solve real problems, beyond Machine Learning theories and Kaggle competitions.

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