Allowing anyone anywhere benefit from the possibilities AI can provide


Life360 is a proof of concept of a new methodology of developing Artificial Intelligence solutions that allows anyone, anywhere to benefit from the possibilities that AI can provide. The project aims to increase/improve the accessibility, reproducibility, contextualization and enhancement of Artificial Intelligence solutions everywhere especially in emerging markets.

The Life360 project adopts a federated community model that involves all stakeholders in the collaborative conceptualization and development of Artificial Intelligence solutions via rapid prototyping. The problems and solutions are thoroughly documented, including the processes and learning to facilitate accessibility, reproducibility and cross-border adaptation and enhancement of the solutions or datasets for incremental value creation through expanded collaboration networks.

The project aims to demonstrate how global community of AI experts can learn and co-create mutually beneficial solutions with the opportunity for cross-county incremental enhancement.


Stages of Development

  1. 1. Solution Identification
  2. 2. Solution Documentation
  3. 3. Solution/Problem Evaluation
  4. 4. Solution Development
  5. 5. Knowledge Hub Development
  6. 6. Project Evaluation
  7. 7. Launch Knowledge Base
  8. 8. Crowd AI


Date: June 17 – 19, 2020

Problem Statement

The possibilities with Artificial Intelligence are immense. There are many transformational use cases being deployed to solve long-standing problems and the outcomes are drastically changing the way we live, work and play. Unfortunately, it is still majorly a black box model which is difficult to access, reproduce, contextualize or enhance especially in Africa.

The Goals

  1. To develop the capacity of participants in the process of ideation and problem solving and also expose them to the application of Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in the health and physical well-being sector.
  2. To evaluate some previously identified AI Solutions and identify incremental improvements required to solve problems identified in health and well-being.
  3. To develop a rich set of problems in Health and Well-being and ideate for rapid concept prototyping.
  4. To document proven approach to run a virtual ideation workshop.


  1. Opportunity to be part of a global world-class Artificial Intelligence project that solves a real problem in the health and well-being sector.
  2. Certificate recognizing participation.
  3. Public recognition as a contributor to the project.
  4. Extension of identified problems/ideas to the global community.
  5. Free training by world-class Artificial Intelligence experts.
  6. Internet cost coverage at a price of $10 per session/day.


Thematic Areas

  1. Child Health & Development 
  2. Public Health 
  3. Mental Health 
  4. Diseases & Infections
  5. Accidents and Emergency 
  6. Pandemics 
  7. Drug & Administration 
  8. Food and Nutrition 
  9. Physical Well-being
  10. Financial Inclusion

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