DSN is 5 years old

Data Science Nigeria is celebrating five incredible years of innovation, impact and the journey to raising one million AI talents and positioning Nigeria on the World map as one of the top 10 AI talent/knowledge destinations. Data Science Nigeria turns 5 on the 26th of November 2021. The event will take place on the 26th of November in Nigeria and on the 27th of November in the UK.

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#DSN@5, #5yearsofDSNImpact


5 years of impact

Looking back at five years of impact-learning, Community, Research, Consulting, and Start-up enablement and our commitment to the 1 million AI talents vision through an expanded delivery model.


Pan African positioning and brand relaunch

In order to further strengthen our Pan African Positioning, Data Science Nigeria is now Data Scientists Network. We have also unveiled a new look with our new logo


Expanded delivery Network

Data Science Nigeria is seeking experts in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and associated specializations to gift a minimum of 2 hours in a month over a 12-month period to support our 1 million AI talent vision. Experts are needed across the world to teach and mentor in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese. Click to be a part of this..


New Products

Showcasing our products
  • Macrotutor
  • Ulearn
  • SpotOn
  • Eko360


Covid genius white paper.
Corporate data fluency audit framework.


First Year Series

First Unofficial Event

First Official Unveiling Event

Unveiling Gala Dinner


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