Driving Artificial Intelligence Impact Across Africa

Annual Report July 2020 – June 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome: Advancing Beyond Adversity—How We Used AI to Drive Impact during COVID-19
  2. AI for Everyone: Disrupting COVID-19 to Deliver High-impact Learning
  3. Post-COVID In-person Classes: Scaling Up Artificial Intelligence Learning across Nigeria
  4. Accelerating Early Education of Artificial Intelligence Across Africa
  5. Global AI Conferences: Award, Research Excellence and Paper Presentation
  6. AI-powered Learning Delivery in Rural and Sub-urban Areas through Offline Learning
  7. Expanding DSN Consulting and Solution Delivery Offerings
  8. AI for Social Good
  9. Enriching Professional Learning and Business Applications
  10. Global Footprint and Engagement Platforms
  11. AI Bootcamp—High-level Learning for Best of the Best
  12. Inclusion and Gender
  13. Community Building, AI Start-up Support and Talent Capacity Building Models
  14. Data and AI for National Impact and Government
  15. Thought Leadership
  16. Our People: Work Culture and Capacity Enhancement
  17. Leadership Team, Staff, Volunteers, Interns, Project Teams and Community Champions
  18. Disclosure
  19. Consolidated Statement of Account
  20. Support the Vision


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