Deep Learning 2019

Be counted among Nigeria’s top Deep Learning experts, who are positioned to apply Artificial Intelligence to solve real social and business problems, especially area of socio-economic development.

This is the ultimate residential bootcamp and hackathon for the best of the best intermediate to expert machine learning practitioners in the academic community and the industry in Nigeria. The bootcamp will feature world-class hands-on learning and project-oriented tasks based on real word problems.

Deep Learning skills is one of the fastest sub-domain and it provides a huge career and research opportunities for every Nigerian to explore possibilities in AI-driven innovation, start-ups and transformational applications in research/industry.

This is the rationale for the Deep Learning Nigeria bootcamp/hackathon.

The bootcamp offers free accommodation, tuition and food. Expert hands-on data scientists are traveling to Nigeria to facilitate the classes.

Attendance is limited. To apply follows these steps:

  • Confirm your interest in participating in this competition by filling in the form via this Link
  • Kick off your learning online by participating in our 100-day pre-qualification kicking off May 1, 2019. Kindly subscribe to the learning class on YouTube by clicking this link. You may join our daily classes or study on your own using the various online course or contents in our AI Knowledge boxes.
  • Members of the AI+ will be able to engage a coach every weekend during the learning period (May 1 to 20 September) via Slack to discuss questions and answers and share their assignments. AI+ membership requirement and full detail is available at ………..


  • The bootcamp 100 days pre-qualification classes include theoretical courses that will run on YouTube and a special Microsoft Azure course to build industry-ready capacity.
    • Details on the Microsoft classes is clarified step by step below:
  • A 9-hour course which introduces participants to Microsoft Azure and its basics. This is important as it makes every participant industry- ready. Leading companies all over the world use this tool for Machine Learning and students with this knowledge can easily get good jobs. All participants must submit a proof of course completion.Visit course page ici
  • The free Azure Fundamentals course is available on the cloud society.
  • Students who can afford to pay for a certification of $80 can attempt the AZ-900 exam, which covers the same skills. However, this is not compulsory.
  • You can study the materials in groups and/or attend all the special classes that will be held at the AIHub in person or via online channels.
  • After the study, submit your assignments, completion certificates and/or score sheet by clicking ici
  • After you completion submission, click this ici to participate in the Kaggle competition.
  • The qualification Kaggle will run between 23 September and 23 October 2019. Please note that you cannot do this as a group. Every submission must be an individual submission. Any act of collusion or group cheating will lead to disqualification of all the parties involved.
  • There will be a telephone validation quiz between 24 October and 3 November to authenticate the Kaggle submission made by each participant.
  • The top 75 participants shall be invited to the bootcamp held from 19 to 23 November 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Food, accommodation and lectures – FREE
  • Special consideration for female competitors (at least 20% from the current 6.2%).
  • The bootcamp will include further activities and a hackathon to determine the overall best machine learning students.
  • The bootcamp organiser’s selection of participants will be final.