Our Mandate

Data Scientists Network, formerly known as Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enterprise committed to building Africa’s AI talents ecosystem, and developing solutions for governance, education, health, retail, and finance. Our mandate is to raise 1 million AI talents in Nigeria and prepare them for the future of work, while developing Artificial Intelligence solutions to improve the quality of life of 2 billion people in emerging markets, accelerating AI start-ups and activating digital transformation for organizations in Africa.

Our Platforms

AI Bootcamp

AI Circus

AI Invasion

AI for Beginners ebook

AI School of the year

AI Knowledge Box

AI Mentorship

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Our Achievements

Listed in the IRCAI/UNESCO Top 100 AI products in 2021 – with 2 products listed for solving sustainable development goals

The first dedicated AI Start-up Incubation Lab in Nigeria

Over 500,000 learners have benefited from the DSN’s free online and offline training sessions in Artificial intelligence, Data Science and digital skill-related classes.

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AI Invasion 2022 Edition

This event is aimed at driving inclusiveness, fairness and accountable learning that catalyzes community spirit, ethical values, and excellence. We train thousands of people on Introduction to Python and Machine Learning …
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Project-Based Masterclass

This is a Hand-On project Based Data Visualization masterclass. Understanding real-world Data and how to generate meaningful insights with industry experts. Learn everything you should know about Data Visualization completely FREE
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AI Everyday 2022 Edition

Raising a generation of data scientists and Artificial Intelligence experts from the foundation. Taking beginners on a journey to learning emerging skills. Introduction to python and machine learning for absolute novices
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Sights from Summit & Bootcamp

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Our 2022 Plans

Visit link below to see our 2022 Programme of Activities and Description.
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Evolving Business Mindset

DSN @ 5

Documentary on

AI Startup Lab

First AI Startup Hub and

Research Centre Opening

DSN EdTech using

AI-Powered Learning