(July 2019 to June 2020)


  1. Accelerating Impact in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dominated Era
  2. Disrupting Artificial Intelligence through Early Education
  3. Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact: Supporting the COVID-19 Intervention with AI
  4. Expanding Research Best Practices
  5. Virtual Learning to Stay Ahead of the COVID-19 Lockdown
  6. Digitalising DSN Operations for Sustainability
  7. Disruptive and Inclusive Learning through AI EveryDay for Everyone Everywhere
  8. Training to World-class Consulting and Solution Delivery
  9. Deepening Business and Corporate Learning in AI and Data Science
  10. Paper Presentation at International Conferences
  11. Pan African Impact and Global Footprint
  12. AI Bootcamp –the Biggest Learning for the Best of the Best
  13. Inclusion policy and practice
  14. Building the Future with Kiddies-friendly AI Summer School
  15. Artificial Intelligence Community and Capacity Building Models
  16. Data and AI for National Impact and Government
  17. Community of Practice with AI+ Professional and Research Community
  18. Project Clients, Donors, and Partners
  19. In-Kind Donors and Strategic Partners
  20. Leadership Team and Workforce
  21. Disclosure
  22. Consolidated Statement of Account Unaudited Statement of Account
  23. Support the Vision

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