Scaling Up AI for Social Good

DSN Annual Report July 2021 – June 2022
DSN Annual

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Pan-African Expansion: Growing Beyond Nigeria
  3. Deepening Artificial Intelligence learning access for the next generation
  4. Community of practice – expanding our professional support
  5. Artificial Intelligence learning – support beyond the school closure
  6. Enabling and supporting Al-related start-ups
  7. Al in Every City: Pervasive Learning Across Communities
  8. Enabling Research for Impact
  9. Productizing Al for Social lmpact
  10. Geospatial Al Solution for nation building
  11. Ladies in Al – driving gender inclusion
  12. Mentorship Support program
  13. Global Partnerships for Impact
  14. Driving for ethical Al practice
  15. DSN Internal culture and capacity building for sustainable impact
  16. Al Bootcamp – the biggest Al learning platform for the best of the best
  17. Enabling national Al, Data and Analytics Ecosystem
  18. Industry use cases and applications
  19. Al Clubs, Communities and Campuses
  20. Financials
  21. Donors (Cash&Kind), Partners, Board Members
  22. Disclosure
  23. Support The Vision