2019 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp




2019 AI Bootcamp will run as events: 1-day summit and 6-day residential bootcamp

  • November 19, 2019 at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island (8am-1pm): Unveiling of the first AI Book for Nigerian primary and secondary schools and the Artificial Intelligence for Socio-Economic Development Summit: This is not compulsory but important.
    • Dedicated vehicle will be provided, where you can keep your bags on arrival and it will leave hotel for bootcamp at 2pm. For any issues, call 08140022200
  • November 19 to 24, 2019: 6-day Artificial Intelligence fully-residential bootcamp: The University of Lagos New Engineering Hall and the CITS Labs, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.
  • All arrivals must be at the University of Lagos New Engineering Halls for registration, receipt of security tags and the Day 1 afternoon/evening Welcome session
  • Your registration tag must be worn at all times as this will be the basis for entry to the venues of events and the hostels.



  • 48-HOUR CONFIRMATION WINDOW: Confirmation of availability is the first step to guarantee your seat at the bootcamp. You must fill the form below after reading all the instructions in this document, including the bootcamp’s code of conduct. If we do not have your response by 6pm Sunday 10 November, 2019, we will notify the next candidates who are on the waiting list. We have a qualified list of waiting candidates who also participated in the pre-study and Kaggle competition.
  • TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT: Our lead Sponsor, Microsoft Africa has also supported with transport stipend for all the students participating at the bootcamp. All the students traveling to the bootcamp within Nigeria have been supported with road transport. Guidance is below. For those traveling within Nigeria, cash shall be given at the bootcamp.
Locations Token
Ibadan/Abeokuta/Ife N2000-3000
Akure/Ogbomosho/Ilorin/Benin/Ekpoma N4000-5000
PH/Owerri/Nsukka/Akwa/Umudike/Enugu/Uyo N5000-6000
Kano, Abuja, Yola etc. N6000-7000
  • ACCOMODATION: The residential venues for this year are two but within proximity of the venue of event:
    1. Scholar Suites within the University of Lagos and Prof Adebayo Akinde Resource Centre Hostel, Bariga, Lagos (10 minutes from the university)
    2. Daily transportation to and fro will be provided between the training halls and the hostel outside the campus at specified time daily.
  • CONFIRMATION OF AVAILABILITY – DO NOT WASTE A SEAT: In case you will not be able to attend, please respond via SMS or WhatsApp to 08140022200 immediately. There are many people on the waiting list, we have already arranged for sufficient accommodation, and your absence without notification will make this a waste.
  • WELCOME EVENT AND RED CARPET: There will be a welcome red carpet and interview corner at the bootcamp. We shall run video-recorded interviews, which will ask interested participants about their qualification journey, particularly their experience with the intensive pre-study, quiz and final pre-qualification Kaggle competition. We want to document these as a source of inspiration to future participants. The interviewers will also ask about your expectation and all the razzmatazz. You can also take picture behind the branded backdrop and use our hashtags (#AIbootcamp, #DeepLearningNigeria, #InterCampusML) to popularise the bootcamp on all social media as it happens real-time. Always tag Data Science Nigeria via these account names – Twitter (datasciencenig), facebook(Data Science Nigeria ) and Instagram (DataSciencenigeria) as you post.


  • INTERNET AND PERSONAL LAPTOPS: We strongly suggest that each participant comes with their personal laptops. You are also advised to come along with a personal internet access point or have an active data bundle on your phone that can be tethered. We are making effort to provide common internet but this is not guaranteed. You will need the internet to upload your Kaggle submissions and do some activities. Please come with your laptops, USB drive and charging points and extension cables to avoid any challenges.
  • MEDICAL : All participants are expected to travel with their medical insurance and cards in case they need to visit an hospital on emergency. There are many hospitals in the vicinity and do check if they are with your HMO. We advise that you travel with all your recommended drugs, if any. Please do let us know if you have any critical health circumstances to be aware of, when filling the acceptance form.

List of hospitals within the vicinity of the bootcamp:

  1. Unilag Health Centre, New Access Rd, Akoka
  2. Cottage Medicare Hospital, 18 Iwaya Rd, Yaba, Lagos. 0802 626 1632
  3. DFO Medical Clinic, Pako B/stop, 1 Banji Adewole Lane Tabade pharmacy building, Akoka Rd, Yaba, Lagos. Phone: 0803 347 2205
  4. Gold Cross Hospital, Ayoodele St, Iwaya , Lagos
  • Personal Effect: We advise that you come with your toiletries and possibly bed sheets for your personal comfort


  • CODE OF CONDUCT: As a responsible non-profit, our bootcamp demands utmost professionalism, respect for others, comportment, commitment to learning and preservation of collective good. In this regard all attendees, must read the code of conduct and confirm their willingness to abide in the acceptance form. Read the code of conduct by clicking here
  • DECLARATION OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Please note that representatives of our partners, sponsors and DSN internal volunteers/staff will be given rights of participation at the bootcamp, irrespective of their Kaggle ranking. We have also given special placement to ladies in tech (18 extra slots) and members of the Nigerian Police College.
  • URGENT CALLS: For any clarification, please call 08140022200
  • PLENARY AND PARALLEL SESSIONS: There will be general sessions and many break-out sessions, which will run in parallel. You have to make a choice of classes to attend based on your interest and knowledge levels. You can read details of the schedule at https://www.datasciencenigeria.org/aibootcamp/
  • CONFIRMATION FORM: All participants must fill the form below. The form asks many important questions like: -Full name and gender (for tag and room pairing)

Click and fill the acceptance form below

Acceptance Form