Abayomi Adelowotan

Lean Six Sigma and Data Analytics Advisor, Chevron

An Executive Advisor and a Data Scientist with demonstrated experience in integrated continuous improvement, Thinking Business, Leading People, Selling Change and Analyzing data. competencies include: innovation championing, Campaign leadership, Deployment designing, Adaptive Leadership, Persuasion skills, Risk assessment, Metrics architecture, influence brokerage and Resource Negotiation. Past responsibilities include Designing and fostering an improvement ecosystem that enhances the business value.

A Business leader with Successful records in integrating the tools of continuous improvement and data science into viable and sustainable programs that can be deployed from the top-down or bottom-up in the pursuit of value creation.

Yomi is the first Certified Executive Master Black belt in Africa, a supreme certification in the professional practice of Business improvement granted by the Six Sigma Management Institute under the signature of Dr. Mikel J. Harry Co-Creator and principal Architect of Six Sigma, National Best Selling Author and Consultant to World’s Top Executives.



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