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DSN National Financial Inclusion Dashboard Building Challenge 2022
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Data Scientists Network (Data science Nigeria) National Financial Inclusion Dashboard Building Challenge program is designed as an opportunity for her community of learners to build skills in Power BI development, accelerate their learning curve and build a portfolio.

The National Financial Inclusion Dashboard (NFID) Power BI Project Participation, with a hands-on workshop for business and financial analysts for Data Scientists Network (DSN) Communities, covered the breadth of Power BI capabilities. This program is part of DSN’s project participation programs to enhance industry-relevant skills in the DSN Community.


The program is structured into a Cohort Mentorship. A 10-week mentorship program for participants to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and Build a National (Nigeria) Financial Inclusion Dashboard using the EFInA dataset, a real-life dataset.


  • The opportunity to exhibit your work
  • An opportunity to Advance Your Career, in the DSN Mentorship Program
  • Personalized comments on your progress will be provided to you
  • Experts and peers can teach you something new
  • Improve your credentials as a Power BI specialist by doing what employers are searching for
  • Obtain knowledge in a variety of fields
  • Recognize the most prevalent solutions pitfalls
  • Participate in discussions about how to improve your solutions and learn about new capabilities
  • Opportunities to be among our talent pool for BI job

Project Participation

You are an analyst working closely in the Financial Sector. The finance team compiles a report on financial inclusion in the sector. The dataset contains information on gender, age, geographical zones, settlements, and population description play in financial inclusion in the economy over a period of years.

 The organization requires that you produce a report that looks at the data sets and gives some insights on the interplay of the variables and how to inform future decisions for the financial sectors.There are 14 years’ worth of data (2008 to 2020) collected by EFINA, and this data is published on a bi-annual basis.

The ball is now in your court as an analyst, and you must figure out how to communicate information and drive insights to the team using informative visuals.

Objective: Produce a report which summarizes the datasets


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WeekTitleEvent LaunchingCohort 1Cohort 2Cohort 3Cohort 4
Time4:00 pm - 6:00 pm5:00 pm - 6:00 pm5:00 pm - 6:00 pm5:00 pm - 6:00 pm5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Week 1OpeningWed 9th February
Week 2Training of LearnersCommunity of Practice ClassesWed, 16th FebFri, 18th Feb
Week 3Training of LearnersCommunity of Practice ClassesWed, 23rd FebFri, 25th Feb
Week 4Training of LearnersCommunity of Practice ClassesWed, 2nd MarchFri, 4th March
Week 5Training of LearnersCommunity of Practice ClassesWed, 9th MarchFri, 11th March
Week 6Training of LearnersCommunity of Practice ClassesWed, 16th MarchWed, 18th March
Week 7Training of LearnersCommunity of LearnersWed, 23rd MarchFri, 25th March
Week 8Participant Project Participation
Challenge Commencement Date
Friday, 25th March
Week 9Participant Project Participation
Challenge Commencement Deadline
Thursday, 14th April
Week 10 Dashboard Review ReportTuesday, 19th April

Information Pack


Financial Inclusion Dataset 2008 – 2020

Format: XLSX


2020 State financial inclusion

Format: XLSX


Metadata across all the datsets

Format: XLSX


To promote high-quality submissions while maintaining the original spirit of the challenges. The top-performing entry selection will entirely be focusing on high-quality analysis, insight discovery, and exceptional storytelling using data visualizations.

How to submit your entry:

  • Submit your PBIX files by uploading here
  • Follow DSN Datascientistsnetwork (Data Science Nigeria) on LinkedIn
  • Share a LinkedIn post that contains both a direct @ mention to @datascientistsnetwork, and the hashtag #DSNfinancialinclusionchallenge
  • In your post, share a summary of your findings and an image that contains a screenshot of your work for the DSN Financial Inclusion Dashboard Challenge.
  • Tag people, mention and invite your connections in your post.

Due date: Thursday, 14th of April 2022

Reach out for support or if you have any challenges or questions through

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