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What is AI on Demand?
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Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence are completely revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. AI is likely to be part of our everyday lives, from helping doctors diagnose and treat patients, to autonomously driving automobiles and reducing the danger on our roads.

According to the World Economic Forum, AI could displace 75 million jobs. However, another 133 million new roles may emerge as companies shake up their division of labor. Translating to 58 million net new jobs being created by 2022.

In the context of a near future society empowered by AI, it is important to develop new skills to create and decode digital technologies. Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is at the fore in this space, both through her revolutionary community work of building #1million_AITalents_in_10_years and through work with clients to ensure they are well positioned and thrive in this new era.

AI+ Clubs for Schools

Prepare your students to thrive in the future of work with Python programming and Artificial intelligence.
The AI+ club is about fun, creativity and learning through exploring and is designed to position Primary, Junior and Secondary Schools as great citadel of learning. Click here to Enroll

AI On Demand For Individuals

Give your child/ward the competitive edge with the best learning experience as they pick a career in tech. Get your kids trained on Python programming, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics at home. Click here to Enroll

AI On Demand For Instructors

AI On Demand for Instructors is designed to train and deploy instructors who visit schools to deliver Artificial Intelligence and Python Training lessons. This model is in line with Data Science Nigeria (DSN) drive to create employment opportunities for the hardworking Nigerian Youths. Please click here to register your interest and be the first to get notified when we launch.

AI On Demand For Trainers

AI On Demand for Trainers is a Train-the-Trainer model designed for Teachers in Primary and Junior Secondary schools. Through this model, school teachers become highly knowledgeable in Artificial Intelligence and Python Programming. Please click here to register your interest and be the first to get notified when we launch.

A new curriculum for a Digital and AI-powered world-Beginners' Artificial Intelligence & Python Programming

To prepare learners to thrive in the future with AI, curricula must be reworked and students empowered. Data Science Nigeria (DSN) has released the first Artificial Intelligence book for Nigerian Primary and Secondary Schools (Primary 5,6 and JSS 1 & 2 or Grades 4-8). The kiddies-friendly book simplifies AI concepts (Machine learning, Deep learning and Reinforcement learning) plus step-by-step guide into Python programming for complete beginners.

Get Beginners’ Artificial Intelligence book anywhere in the world:

Amazon Paperback: Click Here

Apple iBook: Click Here

Google Play: Click Here

Jumia (Nigeria): Click Here

Kindle: Click Here


In order to buy in bulk at discounted rates, buy with your corporate logo for CSR, call 09062000127 or 09062000128

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