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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Data Science Nigeria is Africa’s largest and fastest-growing AI learning community due to the passionate drive of AI+ Members continuously spreading AI knowledge and opportunities. As these AI talents continue to spread across the world, Data Science Nigeria will be supporting AI+ Members to set up AI+ Communities in every campus and city in Africa.

These AI+ Communities will be fully funded and supported by Data Science Nigeria and led by a local AI+ Community Lead to run community-based AI learning meet-ups, training, hackathons, research and product development for secondary school students, pre-university students, university/polytechnics students and professionals.

The AI+ Way

The AI+ Genotype is the heart of the DSN AI+ Community; It is an innate passion to be a universal donor and recipient of  AI knowledge. Our community members are committed to improving their AI knowledge and giving back to the community in the form of knowledge and opportunity sharing.

What makes our AI+ Communities different?

  • Our AI+ Communities are all-encompassing as students and all within the academic environment are welcome in AI+ Campus Clubs and all ages and skill groups are welcome in AI+ City Communities.
  • Our AI+ Leads are verified and validated by Data Science Nigeria and they also continuously attend technical seminars and workshops for quality assurance.
  • The vast network of local and international mentors and experts in the DSN Community is available to all our AI+ Communities as well as other opportunities in form of courses, data support, scholarships, internships and even job placements.
  • Each AI+ Community is fully funded and supported by Data Science Nigeria and operates in partnership with local hosts and institutions.
  • As Africa’s largest and fastest-growing AI learning community, we have a huge pool of AI+ talents available to all AI+ Communities and members to collaborate and network.
  • Our AI+ Leads are responsible for our high-impact strategy to get AI into all primary and secondary schools in Africa via a Train-the-trainer programme to equip primary and secondary school teachers across Africa with the right basic skills to use our new book on AI/Python programming as part of the curriculum.

Read more about our AI+ Commnunities here.

The AI+ Community Lead Role

Driven to raise 1 million Al talents in 10 years, Data Science Nigeria extends its reach to cities and campuses to further its vision by having Al+ Leads in cities across Africa. The AI+ Leads will run with this vision by collaborating with professionals, institutions and hubs-with the support of Data Science Nigeria- to drive Data Science Nigeria projects as well as serve as agents of Al Knowledge democratization through Al+ Community, meetups, training and collaborations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Oversee Data Science Nigeria community activities in city/campus
  • Organize meetups, hackathons, training, collaborations etc, in line with the AI+ vision to upskill and provide opportunities for community members
  • Responsible for facilitating and acquiring facilitators to train community members in the city/campus
  • Manage the Data Science Nigeria Crowdsourcing community in the city/campus
  • Mobilize community members to be instructors/facilitators on the AI on Demand program in the city/campus
  • Champion Data Science Nigeria Al Invasion to spread the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence across the city

Benefits for AI+ Community Leads

  • Priority consideration for all Data Science Nigeria opportunity initiatives; mentoring, travel grants and support platforms.
  • Online course support for continuous skill development
  • Access to world-class mentors
  • Special slots to attend the annual DSN AI Bootcamp as part of their capacity building and briefing programme

Requirements to be an AI+ Community Lead

The become an AI+ Community Lead, the applicant:

  • Must be a DSN AI+ member, with DSN AI+ Membership ID
  • Must have a proven track record of activity in Data Science Nigeria AI+ Community/events. Activity in similar communities can be considered.
  • Must have proven technical skills in Artificial Intelligence/Data Science/Machine Learning/Program Management
  • Must have proven leadership and communication skills
  • For a Campus Lead:
    • Must be a student in the institution, for at least 8 months from the indication of interest to be an AI+ Lead of community request
  • For a City Lead:
    • Must be a resident in the location, for at least 8 months from the initiation of community request (For City)

AI+ Communities in Pictures


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