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Data Scientists Network (DSN) is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading AI technology enterprise committed to building Africa’s AI talents ecosystem, and developing solutions for governance, education, health, retail, and finance. Our mandate is to raise 1 million AI talents in Nigeria and prepare them for the future of work, while developing artificial intelligence solutions to improve the quality of life of 2 billion people in emerging markets, accelerating AI start-ups and activating digital transformation for organizations in Africa.

We are hiring a Big Data Analyst Intern. As the data intern, you will be responsible for managing data and utilizing data analytics to evaluate technical performance and providing recommendations on system enhancements.


  • Understand data concepts and work effectively in a team on Big data projects
  • Ability to create data framework for a data warehouse project. Database conceptualization is a necessity.
  • Curate data and perform Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process for data readiness
  • Collect data from various on-premises location and cloud.
  • Collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders to derive insights from big data
  • Work with experts to enrich data


  • Versatile and willingness to get on new skills quickly
  • Sound technical knowledge of Databases Management and Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Experience with exploratory data analysis using R or Python
  • Basic programming and scripting knowledge
  • Knowledge of (big) data visualizations (maps inclusive)
  • Some GIS knowledge is useful
  • Some Call Data Records (CDR) knowledge is useful
  • Team work and individual readiness


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