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Our Goal

At DSN we are commited to ensuring a vast learning active community and in response to this, we are excited to announce our collaboration with DataCamp to provide our community members with a FREE platform to learn cutting edge skills in programming and data analysis that will help them to thrive in this digital era. 

A one-year fully-funded scholarship to acquire data skills

DataCamp is an online learning platform that assists learners in developing data analytical skills such as Python, R programming, business analysis, non-coding fundamentals such as spreadsheets, tableau and BI tools, and more advanced paths such as data engineering, data science, machine and deep learning. On DataCamp, you get the opportunity to learn basic to advanced analytical skills. For participants with prior data-related expertise, this is also a chance to participate in contests and projects to develop your portfolios, get practical experience, and feel capable of applying for data science jobs. 

There are different skills and career tracks to choose from, which include:
  • Python Programming
  • SQL
  • R Programming
  • Financial/Business Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Spreadsheets – Excel/Google sheets
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning and more…



Be a DSN Community member.

Have access to a mobile phone, laptop and internet connection

Willingness to learn

Click on the button below to apply for a scholarship to start learning on the DataCamp platform.

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