4 days / 10 Mentors / 24-hours Hackathon

Intensive Bootcamp

12th – 15th October, 2017

Dr Samuel Durugo

Lead Data Scientist, Microgaming, U.K

Samuel is a thorough Data Scientist. He has excellent research and strong problem-solving skills. He is analytical and has a great business acumen. Samuel, who is so versed with data mining and predictive analytics, has hands-on experience in application of mathematical and statistical models and machine learning techniques to a wide range of business questions. He has over 10 years experience in extracting business insights from data at various levels and across different business sectors.

He currently works at Microgaming Software Systems IoM, UK within the Data Analytics department. As a Data Scientist, Samuel applies his data mining skills to proffering solutions to various strategic business questions at Microgaming. These include the use of predictive and prescriptive analytics to advise on product design and to identify potential market niche for newly launched products.

Samuel graduated from University of Benin, Nigeria with Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours degree in Industrial Mathematics. He holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Finance graduating with Distinction and PhD degree in Mathematics both at Loughborough University, UK. Samuel also holds an Associate Accounting Technician (AAT) (with part-qualified ACA) certification of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

Samuel’s PhD work relates to areas of applied analysis and mathematical physics. His PhD thesis focuses on a non-local and anharmonic eigenproblem presenting a number of new and fascinating results on the spectrum of a non-local self-adjoint operator with quartic anharmonic potential. His work found that the solution of this eigenproblem is strictly related to a generalisation of the classical Airy function (the so-called higher-order Airy functions of the first kind). Hence, the thesis provides a rigorous study of this new class of functions allowing an in-depth understanding of regularity and analytic properties of this class of functions.



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