5 years of transformational impact!

The 5th DSNniversary

It has been 157,680,000 seconds of running an award-winning and high-impact Artificial Intelligence learning, research, solution delivery, consulting, and AI start up incubation network.

DSN in Activities

Over 500,000 learners have benefited from the DSN’s free online and offline training sessions in Artificial intelligence, Data Science and digital skill-related classes. The organization runs the most expansive network of AI learning delivery in Africa, with 41 physical learning communities in cities and on campuses. It also organizes annual Pan Nigeria AI introductory classes across multiple cities through its AI Invasion project. It currently has an online learners’ network in 49 countries across the world!

DSN has transited from the generic theory of AI into practical solution development with a focus on how to apply AI at scale in emerging markets. During the COVID19 lockdown which created a major learning disruption to many students in Nigeria, DSN invented an Adaptive Artificial Intelligence learning algorithm, which was leveraged to deliver effective and interactive learning through basic SMS, featurephones on 2G network and interactive radio platforms. This effort helped many learners who have no access to the internet or smartphones. Over 8 million learners benefited from this intervention through the funding support of the Mastercard Foundation.

DSN is proud to have won the academic poster at the 21st edition of the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC’ 20), the world’s premier conference on the interface of economics and computer science, organized by the Association for Computing Machinery, United States.

DSN also won the best runner up poster award at the Deep Indaba in 2019, Africa’s foremost AI conference, where the effort of Data Science Nigeria was also recognized with the prestigious Wangari Maathai Impact Award.

Data Scientists Network has also validated its technical capability in the areas of consulting and solution delivery. It has successfully delivered over 4 million US dollars’ worth of professional service for leading global multinationals and development agencies like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, Mastercard Foundation, Chevron Nigeria, AI Commons, KPMG, Access Bank, and so many others.

The annual DSN all-expense-paid bootcamp has become the numero uno of AI learning in Africa. It brings together some of the best global experts who visit Nigeria physically or connect virtually to teach and mentor young African talents. Each AI Bootcamp starts with thousands of participants with only 400 best participants making it to this intensive learning session. The 2021 edition had learners from over 20 countries!

DSN through its founder, Bayo Adekanmbi, published the first AI book for kids in Africa. The book uses cartoon-like characters to demystify and simplify the basic concepts of AI and Python programming. The book is currently being distributed through a nationwide train-the-teachers program to ensure that every child has the foundational knowledge required to competitively prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work.

5 years in videos

DSN @ 5
AI Startup Lab
AI-Powered Learning
DSN @ 5
AI Startup Lab
AI-Powered Learning

DSN in Activities

DSN has been a revolution with many first of its kinds like the AI Summer school for kids, Inter-university machine learning competition, AI Hackathons for top organizations, Data Scientists-on-demand, AI tutors on demand for primary and secondary schools, AI knowledge Box of 20,000 learning videos, free AI for beginner’s free ebook, and its current effort to set up AI library at all the top Nigerian universities.

Today, DSN has become the biggest talent recruitment pipeline to leading organizations in Nigeria, providing access to top talents who have been trained through DSN’s intensive, hands-on and industry-ready training modules.

DSN runs a start-up incubation centre dedicated to Artificial Intelligence with a current cohort of 12 start-ups at its new centre in Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. The AI Startup Lab will accelerate the growth of AI-first startups, make Africa a top destination for AI Talents and Businesses, contribute to the GDP of the continent and create jobs opportunities for millions of unemployed youths across Africa.

DSN remains very strong in Artificial Intelligence research. With over 13 academic papers published and accepted at peer-reviewed conferences, the inspiring works of DSN have been showcased at all the world’s leading AI conferences. From NEURIPS to ICML to ICLR to Deep Learning Indaba. DSN’s work in AI for social good was a case study of excellence at the foremost conference of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence held in New York, USA in 2020, where the founder of DSN spoke as a Keynote speaker. The DSN AI Lab in Lagos is generously supported with research robots from the Computer Science department of the University College, London complemented with a world-class research workstation donated by Nvidia.

DSN’s work has been acknowledged across the world as a best practice in talent building, indigenous application of AI, community development at scale, early education in AI and AI for social good. Its work has been reviewed and referenced by the World Economic Forum, UNESCO Science report 2020, UNICEF reports, African Union, Datadotorg, and many others. DSN was the only African finalist at the XPrize Algorithm for COVID prediction competition. DSN was also part of the national COVID intervention team on the use of advanced epidemiological machine learning algorithms to flatten the curve.

As DSN marks its fifth anniversary, it is making some big, bold transition under its five perfect transition mandate to restrategize for the future. The organization is recalibrating its vision and mission with focus on enabling 1 million AI talents in Africa and building AI solutions that will enhance the quality of lives and wellbeing of people living in emerging market. It is a double-fold impact transition. Let us reflect on these Big 5 shifts…


Global Business Mindset

DSN is transiting into a global operation beyond Nigeria under the DSN brand name, that is, Data Scientists Network. With an existing learners’ network in almost 50 nations, DSN has become a global knowledge delivery network for the world!
All its local and global extensions will now answer the DSN brand name.


New Business Model

DSN will run a dual business model as a social enterprise, with DSN Foundation non-profit and DSN AI Innovations Limited, both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom. This effort will position DSN for sustainability.


Partnership-Based Business Model

DSN is also changing its consulting model by becoming a distributed talent company. It will run a globally diverse network of expert consultants and partner companies who will collaboratively work with DSN full-time in-house staff to deliver world-class solutions under its new partnership program.


Global Learning

DSN is launching its learning network with more frequent online masterclasses, project-walkthrough sessions, hands-on expert research sessions and mentoring. These will be facilitated by some of the world’s best experts. This expanded learning will also include dedicated programs for professionals, kids, researchers and developers.


High-impact Artificial Intelligence Solutions

DSN AI Innovation will be unveiling SpotOn, its geospatial AI precision analytics solution for retail and fintech and uLearn, its AI-powered augmented learning platform that activates learning for every child. DSN is currently building more high impact products in Health, Financial Inclusion, Agriculture, and others.

Welcome to the future with DSN – powering 1 million AI talents and delivering transformational AI solution for 2 billion people in emerging market.

The 5th DSNniversary!


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