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Data Science Nigeria is leading an innovative learning platform to deliver learning to millions of students without any form of internet access during this prolonged COVID19 period.

The project is a funded educational intervention designed to leverage mobile channels, value added services, call centre, SMS and traditional radio delivery to provide highly customized and localized learning across Nigeria.


  1. Project Analyst – Content and Compliance Management
  1. Monitoring the process of educational audio recording submission by a team of experts across the country.
  2. Monitor and support the submission process lifecycle end to end
  3. Manage a multiple stream of data submission experts across the country and ensure quality and timely submission.
  4. Manage post-submission engagement with an expert team of internal and external reviewers
  5. Daily documentation and reporting of submission status and quality assurance indicators
  Required skill
  • Project Management
  • Process tracking and reporting
  • Ability to use front-end web application for proofing and tracking (e.g. Ziflow)
  • Attention to details
  • Interpersonal skills
  1. Project Analyst (Operations/Reporting)
  1. Task deployment/production brief to a team of learning content developers across the country and daily tracking of production status.
  2. Ensuring strict adherence to agreed delivery rate per learning content developer
  3. Manage the payment cycle and reporting based on the submission and approval of contents submitted
  4. Collating and Monitoring audio recording submissions
  5. Provide relevant support to reviewers and learning content developers
Required skill
  • MS office tools (Excel usage is highly important)
  • Communication skills
  • Reporting
  • People management Skill
  1. Project Analyst (Quality Assurance)
  1. Management of team of educational content reviewers for quality and timely outcome
  2. Management of the submission lifecycle of educational learning content
  3. Providing regular and structured feedback to learning content developers based on content evaluation and quality assessment
Required Skill
  • Project management
  • Ability to use front-end web application for proofing and tracking (e.g. Ziflow)
  • Communication skill
  • Interpersonal relationship
  1. Project Analyst (Field Mobilisation)
  1. Ensure good relationship with grassroots individuals and bodies in facilitating project acceptability and community participation as required in the project scope
  2. Support partnerships engagement and drive activities with grassroots bodies and individuals to grow student registrations.
  3. Regular weekly and quarterly radio-based quiz – setting and gift delivery (cash or kind)
  4. Weekly quiz readiness
  5. Weekly announcement designs
Required skill
  • MS office tools (Excel is highly important)
  • Event and partnership management
  • Negotiation skill
  • Communication skill
  • Interpersonal relationship
  1. Project Analyst (Enquiries Management)
  1. Management of daily enquiries made to the call center
  2. Analysis and reviews of key complaints by customer profile
  3. Management of call centre service quality KPIs
  4. Call centre feedback analysis
  5. Regular update and management of call centre FAQs based on new and emerging issues
Required skill
  • Data Analysis
  • Database management
  • Call centre management
  • Interpersonal relationship
  1. Production Quality and Assurance Analyst
  • Technical evaluation of all final learning content to meet quality specifications
  • Queue all final recording for radio and telecoms operator deployment
  • Production standardization based on approved template for all recordings
Required skill
  • Sound engineering
  • Audio production skill
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Previous experience in a production studio will be an advantage
  1. Project Analyst (Content Database)
  • End to end management of multi-stage database of audio recording
  • Development of effective labelling and tracking logic
  • Optimisation of learning content for cloud storage efficiency
  • Learning content back-up management
Required skill
  • Database/Content Management
  • Cloud experience
  • Past experience in audio content curation, tagging and labeling will be an added advantage
  • Interpersonal relationship


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