Hands-On Project Participation Challenge II

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Customer Sales Insight Analytics Dashboard

Welcome to the DSN data challenge. An opportunity to accelerate your Power BI learning and growth. This project assignment is based on a scenario that you will most likely encounter in the real world. We take a data set and transform it into a report that provides helpful information and insight. The DSN Professional community mentors will then meet to discuss the project, and we’d love for you to join us on Telegram via https://t.me/+JH-2EHKtqH81MmNk.

So here it is, the 2nd instalment of the DSN challenge.

Remember, it’s open to everybody, so don’t be shy about joining in.

To learn more about the challenge and how it works, or If you’re not sure of anything, reach out to us via projectparticipation@datasciencenigeria.ai

The Project Summary

You’re an analyst who collaborates closely with the customer service team.

Temilola, the client engagement manager, has just returned from a meeting where she received several data sets. The first provides client sales data, while the second comprises Regional, Product, and Client Budgets.

Temilola is currently searching for a report that analyzes these data sets and provides insight into client behaviour.

The ball is now in your court, and you need to find a way to present this data back to Temilola and the team.


 You can submit your finished Power BI PBIX files via https://bit.ly/Project-Participation-Challenge2-Submission

 Objective: Produce a report which summarises all the data sets.

 You can download it as an Excel file or connect to the dataset via https://bit.ly/ConsumerGoodsSales

If you require help publishing your report online, you can send your PBIX Files to projectparticipation@datasciencenigeria.ai to assist you in publishing your work.


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