Jeff Herman

Data Scientist, Kansas City Southern Railway

I am a data scientist with a background in mechanical engineering, and I currently work for a railroad. My passions are data analytics and making the world a better place. I am skilled in Python, R, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis. In my job, I use machine learning to make forecasts, build dashboards with Flask and Power BI, and automate reports using Pandas and Bash Scripting.  I also work as a teaching assistant for a Data Science Bootcamp at a local university (we go over Python, Advanced Excel, Tableau, Flask, JavaScript, R, and Machine Learning).  Additionally, I volunteered as a Data Scientist for a nonprofit called No School Violence, teach Digital Literacy skills to low-literate adults in my community, and am a contributor to an organization called Data for Democracy.  I strive to always be learning and pushing the boundaries of what I know and hope to share that passion with others.



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