Kingsley Okoye

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Software Engineering and CEO Kingzonatech Digital Solutions

Kingsley Okoye is passionate about using Semantic-based Modelling and Process Mining techniques to develop novel approaches for process automation and analysis. My goal is to discover patterns within knowledge-bases and create rules that can adaptively support the analysis of contents and improve process models based on the available data and captured user profiles.

My Research interests includes Process Mining, Business Process Modelling and Automation, Learning Analytics and Systems, Semantic Web Technologies, Knowledge Management, Data Analysis and Process Querying, Internet Applications and Ontology.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6943-9885

Editorial Board Member – Journal of Current Analysis of Instrumentation and Control (CAIC)

Guest Editor: Thematic Issue CAIC: Semantic Data Engineering: Methods, Applications and Practice



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