Omobolaji Kujembola

Business Intelligence Manager, MTN Nigeria

Omobolaji Kujembola is a technology expert and a strategic data analytics enabler with over 12 years’ hands on experience in delivering analytics based solutions as well as technology based applications across industries for profitable growth and competitive advantage.

She has proven track record as a business advisor and technology manager leading conversations that fosters analytics practice and techniques, application development, data governance and stewardship as well as C-level engagements on commercial growth strategies using analytics and technology as a strategic partner.

Experienced at fostering engagements that help organizations drive actionable intelligence by harnessing the power of technology and their inherent enterprise data assets. She’s led data governance and analytics enablement program for a major telecoms company in Nigeria with 60m+ subscribers, delivering a blueprint for a data-driven business intelligence practice.

In her early career she’s worked as a software engineer, systems integrator, application developer, business intelligence specialist and data-warehouse architect. She has a passion to support and mentor young women in technology and analytics field, and has been involved in STEM programs within Nigeria and West Africa. She is also a member of the Open Data Institute UK.



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