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The role is an experienced software engineer supporting our strategic thrust to create cutting-edge and exciting artificial intelligence products and systems that will impact the world for good. This will range from basic research systems to fast-growing AI and analytics propositions in next-generation AI to deployed products for high impact domains in financial inclusion, health, agriculture, social welfare and public accountability. You will lead software teams on projects in technology areas that range across machine learning and AI including data collection apps, explainable AI, realistic intelligent agents, intelligent tutoring, adaptive training, crowdsourcing, chatbots, recommender engine and advanced decision aids. You will design and implement software for these systems, including AI methods that drive application and social/business relevance for incremental value. You will collaborate with and lead other software engineers, using an Agile/Scrum approach, to advance the state of the art in skill modelling for a variety of applications that support our vision to develop AI-first ideas that solve social and business problems.  

The candidate must have strong social and business mindset with maturity to engage user groups and clients via consultancy model to understand user context as a way to build AI-centric solutions that are relevant, meaningful, adaptable and culturally valid. 


  • You will provide direction and be responsible for implementing the design, architecture, and maintenance of AI-driven solution development end-to-end. 
  • Lead an interdisciplinary team committed to innovative Data Service products based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Develop highly scalable algorithms based on state-of-the-art machine learning and neural network methodologies for deployment  
  • Capacity in leading projects that include Software Development Kit (SDK); Video Compression, Image Analytics, Facial Recognition, Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) development for full-motion video, image and GIS mapping streaming and analytics. 
  • Ability to translate requirements into design specifications and experience in developing design documents 
  • Adapt machine learning and neural network algorithms and architectures to best exploit modern parallel environments (e.g. distributed clusters, multicore SMP, and GPU) 
  • Define the hardware, software and network architecture for a mini state-of-the-art AI/ML lab. 
  • Work closely with leadership on researching and evaluating new concepts and ideas. 
  • Design and build prototypes to prove concepts based on current technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. 
  • Enthusiastic to learn and use APIs (like face recognition, image analytics, text analytics, language understanding etc.) to build Cognitive applications 
  • Ability to translate requirements into design specifications and experience in developing design documents 


  • Have at least 4 years of professional experience leading solution delivery that combines software engineering and artificial intelligence  
  • Full Stack preferred. Can design core, backend software components, C/C++, Java, PHP and Hack. Hands-on Python, Tensorflow/PyTorch, Keras  
  • Experience in building systems based on machine learning (especially deep learning) methods 
  • Proven experience with two or more of the following:   Recommendation/Ranking/Prediction (RRP), Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech/Audio, Deep Learning/Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Distributed Machine Learning. 
  • Experience with storage systems, distributed systems, HPC, compilers, and/or CUDA programming 
  • May have a four-year degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a related field  
  • Exposure to Agile methodologies 
  • Have a vibrant personality, awesome interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills (English, verbal and written) 
  • Works independently, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously 
  • Deep curiosity and a demonstrated ability to craft original solutions 
  • Contemporary understanding of mobile application design and evolving design developments. 
  • Knowledge in database architecture for supporting mobile applications. 
  • Strong understanding of mobile features including push notifications, geo- location and alike). 
  • Experience with API design and integration. 
  • Strong history of project delivery. 
  • Experience with AWS cloud services and available technologies. 
  • Knowledge of using REST API(s) essentials, as well as general server/client-side communication. 
  • Problem-solving attitude with strong attention to detail. 
  • Organised individual with excellent time keeping. 
  • Motivated to continuously learn greater technical skills.


To apply, send your CV to recruitment@datasciencenigeria.ai with the subject as Solution Development Lead