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DSN is recruiting part-time teachers who can use their phones to record classes based on the approved NERDC curriculum.


Welcome to the COVID-19 mobile learning project, managed by Data Science Nigeria. The objective of the project is to provide learning support for Nigerian students currently at home during this pandemic through educational audio contents that will be delivered via Radio and Telephone. Our goal is to reach millions of Nigerian students, who are unable to use the internet for learning, with a specific focus on Primary 4 & 5, Primary 6, JSS 1, JSS 2 & 3, and SSS 1, SSS 2 and SSS 3. Our subjects of interest are the National compulsory subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science and Biology.


Step 1:  Use your phone to record a maximum of 10 minutes class based on any topic of your choice
Step 2: The topic selected must be based on NERDC Primary 5 & 6, JSS 2& 3 and SSS 2&3 syllabus.
Step 3: Upload the recorded class via the submission link in the form below
Step 4: Data Science Nigeria’s decision is final on the teachers to be recruited for the project.


The selected teachers will be contacted for full recordings and with an agreed professional fee.


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