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“What’s so random about the forest?”

“What if Data Science, most time called the sexiest job in the twenty-first century encompasses talents without skills?”

Can You Measure The Goodies Of Data Science Nigeria?

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by Ekle Ocheme Anthony, Kaduna
My name is Ekle, Ocheme Anthony, a graduate of Bsc Mathematics Computer science from University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Not so long ago, using the pivot tables option in Excel was the upper limit of my skills with numbers and the word python was more likely to make me think about a dense jungle or a nature program on TV than a tool to generate business insights and create complex solutions.


by Victor Olufemi Osinkolu, UNILAG
My data science journey with DSN started in OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife) with the data science ife community now called AI+OAU. The community inspired me to learn more about data science to achieve my goal of becoming an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. I was encouraged by Okunowo Similoluwa, an elite tutor in AI+OAU to participate in the 2019 Bootcamp qualification…


by Franklyn Ogbonna , OAU
I started to get new feeds from Data Science Nigeria on my Linkedin timeline from the last quarter of 2019. By merely looking at the name, I got attracted to it and decided to follow up and see how I can benefit from their resources and events to help me transition into a Machine Learning Engineer. I have always had the burning obsession to launch fully into Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learn…


by Oluwadara Adepoju, Abeokuta
I came across Data Science Nigeria in February 2020. Data Science Nigeria was organizing a program called ‘Data Science Nigeria AI+ in Cities’. This was a 6-Weeks Beginners’ Artificial Intelligence and Python Programming class. I had no background knowledge in anything that had to do with coding, talk less of machine learning. Little did I know that this was going to change my view about everything…


by Marvellous Alabi , FUTA
When I first heard about Data Science Nigeria at school the first quarter of the year, I was like “…well I’m free this weekend, let me check what this DSN meetup of a thing is all about.” And behold the meetup was enlightening, I got interested in Machine Learning in about a week’s time and kept following up with the meet-ups. One of the host of DSN AI+ FUTA, Lawrence Okegbemi, got me hooked with.


by Favour James, OAU
I got introduced and interested in data science for the first time in the second semester of my first year in the university but I did not do anything till my second year. It was easy for me to start because of the campus community in my school: AI+ OAU. I was able to attend Bootcamps for beginners and through this, I got the necessary materials needed for me to start off on the right foot.


by Ajao Wasiu Bamidele, Abuja
In 2018, I was on a google search for communities of Artificial Intelligence which organize conferences for AI enthusiasts like me and suddenly, I stumbled on Data Science Nigeria. At first, I did not envisage seeing any such organization in Nigeria because of my low horizon about the development of AI in Nigeria. The website looks eclectic at a mere glance and its contents are unimaginable. In Nigeria?


by Taiwo Ajagunsegun , FUTA
My name is Taiwo Ajagunsegun, a member of AI+ FUTA Community. I was introduced to Data Science in March 2019 at the AI Invasion Bootcamp organised by Data Science Nigeria in my school. It was a remarkable experience for me because we were taught the basic things we needed to start a career in Data Science. What touched me the most is that despite the values shared during the bootcamp, it was free of charge


by Emmanuel Oluwaloni, FUOYE
I can’t tell you how much You have helped me in my Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning journey and I appreciate all the AI resources, Competitions, and Bootcamps. During the COVID19 break I was able to work on a mini project, A Diabetes Diagnoser, it takes in some parameter like glucose level, insulin level, blood pressure, and diagnose if a patient has diabetes or not. After training I acquired an accuracy of 94% and a f1 score


by Moshood Yahaya
The Data Science Nigeria (DSN) bootcamp presented participants with a unique opportunity to learn, participate in global standard challenges and learn from the very best the world has to offer in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The journey to Data Science and AI for me has been largely a self-taught one. As a professional in the field of Risk Management, I am not really afforded the luxury of time to fully enrol in physical classes.


by Abideen Opeyemi Bello , LAUTECH
In 2018, I heard of Data Science Nigeria through Lautech Data Science Community, and I happened to qualify for the 2018 Bootcamp then; eventually, I qualified for the Bootcamp by a thin thread. Getting to the Bootcamp, I learned a lot and also met students/folks from different walks of life. My experience from the 2018 Bootcamp triggered a charge in me never to relent on the path to be successful in life. Down the lane…


by Muhammad King Yakub, FUT
I started out as a beginner in python programming, I always wonder and think about what I can do with programming. I consulted a senior colleague of mine about this and he explained to me about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It was awesome to me and I told him I was interested , he gave me a book to read about the history of Artificial Intelligence and it made me fall in love with this and I decided choosing a career path as a …


by Babajide Fagoroye
Taking the decision to change my career path last year was one of the toughest decisions I had to take in life as I barely know what Data Science entails. Having gone through a United Nations white paper which I saw in my mentor’s office who runs a Non-Governmental Organization in Lafia, Nasarawa state, Nigeria made me stick with my decision of venturing into the world of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


by Mary Ehapa , UI
My journey as a data scientist started late June where I had to watch videos online on how to take the right path on my journey to greatness. Learning on my own with no friend or community to interact with was a tough and rough journey. Thereafter, a friend of mine who is a software developer sent a broadcast about the Data Science Nigeria Zindi competition early September. Seeing this makes me nervous and scared because of the word “competition”.


by Kolawole Somade, Bells
My name is Kolawole David, a graduate of Bells University of Technology. I have been familiar with the term “Data Science ” since my 2nd year at the University as it has been a buzz word for a very long time now. Being a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, I had always dreamed and hoped of cultivating knowledge and experience in this field. I took some online courses to introduce me to the data science concept but I just wasn’t making any headway.


by Olawale Abiodun Ogundeji, Abeokuta
Data Science Nigeria has been an integral part of my Data Science/Artificial Intelligence journey. My data science journey began about a year ago with a desire and a passion to get to this field after my interest and effort to learn web development was truncated. It developed so much that I decided to start learning in January this year.Learning data science has been accompanied by an array of mixed feelings along the way. In the beginning, I was flummoxed …


by Precious Kolawole, OAU
What if Data Science, most time called the sexiest job in the twenty-first century encompasses talents without skills? What if everybody learned the basics of Data Science without extracting values and motivations that come from community engagements, that creates a drive for talents to aspire and yearn more?Now imagine what would’ve become of Nigerians Developers without this superlative, top-notch community whose interest, visions, and objectives don’t depend on …

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