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Data Science Nigeria is Africa’s fastest growing Artificial Intelligence learning, solution delivery, research and consulting network, whose sphere of impact has touched hundreds of thousands in four years. We are scaling up in 2021 and thus seek well motivated and smart professionals who are willing to join our world of impact. We value excellence, global best practices and sustainable impact. Check our vacancies


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Data Science Nigeria is Africa’s fastest growing Artificial Intelligence learning, solution delivery, research and consulting network, whose sphere of impact has touched hundreds of thousands in four years. We are scaling up in 2021 and thus seek well motivated and smart professionals who are willing to join our world of impact. We value excellence, global best practices and sustainable impact. Check our vacancies


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JanuaryJanuary 6Full resumption at the AI Hub Yaba office
January 11 – February 29Saturday Professional Business Analytics Training new cohort classes
January 12Kick off of NLP, Geospatial and Health Data workstream at AI Hub
January 17Train-the-Teachers Artificial Intelligence Masterclass and book distribution in Owerri, Imo State.
January 20Kick-off of AI+ Clubs in secondary schools as an after-school club in Lagos secondary schools
January 25The SeqHub/Maxng/DSN Ideathon – AI Hub
FebruaryFebruary 5 - March 11Beginners AI Wednesdays 6-week intensive introduction to Python and Machine Learning
February 6 - March 12Pre-University Training in 5 states on Introduction to Python and Machine Learning
February 10Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference - AI for Social Impact
February 15 - April 30Kaggle competition
TBDRetina-AI AI DevOps Hackathon
February 27Train-the-Teachers Artificial Intelligence Masterclass and book distribution
February 261-day Masterclass in R programming
MarchTBDAI Invasion in 50 cities (1-week intensive introduction to Python/Machine Learning in 50 cities in Nigeria)
March 21 – Jun 13Weekend Certification classes in BigML, Columbia/Edx and Microsoft Azure
TBDData Science for Marketing: 3-day intensive corporate training
TBDTrain-the-Teachers Artificial Intelligence Masterclass and book distribution
March 28AI+ Dial-in Masterclass: Reinforcement Learning
AprilApril 3AI for Financial Inclusion workshop
TBDReadiness Kaggle/Zindi Mini-competition - Best participants win books and tickets to tech events
April 241-day Masterclass in Natural Language Processing
April 29-30AI Researchers Conference – International conference hosted in Lagos
April 29-30Participation at ICLR Ethiopia [Virtual Conference]
MayMay 4-8AI for Good Global Summit 2020, Geneva, Switzerland : Attendance and showcase
May 151-day Masterclass in Data Engineering
May 16Data Visualization with Microsoft PowerBI Masterclass : 5 Saturdays intensive corporate training
TBDBeginners AI Wednesdays 6-week intensive introduction to Python and Machine Learning
TBDPre-University Training 6-week class on Introduction to Python and Machine Learning
TBDData Science for Human Resources/People Analytics : 3-day intensive corporate training
May 21-22PhD Research Paper writing workshop with Dr Elaine Nsoesie [Virtual Training]
May 28Fall in Love with AI – Women meet up on AI Career development
JuneJune 12Machine Learning Masterclass in collaboration with Google
June 13AI+ City and Campus Ambassadors Conference in Lagos
June 25 – August 24Pre-Bootcamp 60 days of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
June 30Release of whitepaper on AI-powered Citizen Science on Digital Marketing/Social Media
TBD1-day Masterclass in Microsoft Azure DevOps
TBDDeep Learning Masterclass : Intensive virtual corporate training
JulyTBDAI+ for Professionals Meet-up
TBDData Science for Banking/Fintech/Insurance : 3-day intensive corporate training
TBDRobotic Process Automation Masterclass: 2 Saturdays intensive corporate training
TBDData Science for Technical professionals: 3-day intensive corporate training
AugustTBDBusiness/Data Analytics for Professionals: 2 Saturdays intensive corporate training
TBDMasterclass on AI for Project Monitoring and Evaluation for non-profit
TBDData Engineering: 2 Saturdays intensive corporate training
TBDAI Summer School for Grades 5-9
TBDArtificial Intelligence and Financial Inclusion Research meet-up
TBDLadies in AI Meet-up
TBDDeep Learning Indaba Tunisia – participation and poster showcase
SeptemberTBDAI Bootcamp 2020 Selection Kaggle/Zindi Competition
TBDData Analytics with Microsoft Azure and BigML : 2 Saturdays intensive corporate training
September 25
September 26AI Bootcamp 2020: Call for posters
TBDGame theory and Mechanism design Masterclass : 2 Saturdays intensive corporate training
OctoberOctober 1Release of our AI Blueprint for Nation Building – 60 Imperatives for AINaija as part of Nigeria’s 60 th Independence anniversary
October 20AI Summit 2020: AI for 21 st century Governance and Business Success
October 22AI Masterclass for Executives and Business Leaders
October 20 - 25AI Bootcamp – 4 streams sessions (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Researchers and Professional streams) – an intensive fully residential and all-expense paid for best 250 best students, researchers and young professionals.
NovemberNovember 2Release of DSN whitepaper on AI-powered Citizen Science on Natural Language Processing and Health using Twitter Data
TBDBeginners AI Wednesdays 6-week intensive introduction to Python and Machine Learning
TBDPre-University Training 6-week class on Introduction to Python and Machine Learning
TBDDeep Learning Masterclass - CNN
TBDDeep Learning Masterclass - RNN
DecemberDecember 2 - 8 (TBD)NeurIPS 2020 Vancouver, Canada - attendance and poster showcase
December 7 - 8Local NeurIPS meet-up at AI Hub, Yaba
December 18 - 20Data Science Nigeria team annual strategy retreat/team building
December 23AI Hub Team End-of-year party/Business closes for the year


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2019 Milestones at Data Science Nigeria

We have had a very awesome 2019. We have activated our vision to raise one million Artificial Intelligent talents in 10 years. We have scaled up sustainability and built unique platforms to support our operation and expansion.

We are indeed very grateful to our inspiring staff, awesome sponsors, amazing advisory board members, supportive partners, and the ever-energetic community members.

Of a truth, we are well-positioned to achieve our mission to build a world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, research and innovation ecosystem that delivers high-impact transformational research, business use applications, AI-first start-ups, support employability, and social good use cases in Nigeria and beyond.

Read some of our major milestones in 2019













































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Lagos NeurIPs Meetup Programme Schedule
Venue: AI Hub, 174b Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba
(4th floor Sunu Assurance Building)

Friday 13th of December, 2019
4:00 – 4:15: Welcome & Data Science Nigeria Introduction
4:15 – 4:30: NeurIPS introduction
4:30 – 5:00: Living is an Agricultural Act: AI for Global Food Security by Sarah Menker
5:00 – 5:30: Discussion on Data Science Nigeria AI class monitor
5:30 – 6:25: Veridical Data Science by Bin Yu
6:25 – 7:15: Social Intelligence by Blaise Aguera y Arcas
7:15 – 7:30: Book Winning Time
7:30 Menu: Finger food and drink

Saturday 14th of December 2019
10:00 – 10:15: Welcome
10:15 – 10:50: Machine Learning Meets Single-Cell Biology: Insights and Challenges by Dana Pe’er
10:50 – 11:40: How to Know by Celeste Kidd
11:40 – 12:10: Discussion on Data Science Nigeria AI class monitor
12:10 – 12:50: From System 1 Deep Learning to System 2 Deep Learning by Yoshua Bengio
12:50 – 1:30: Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Affinity Workshop 2
1:30 – 1:45: Book Winning Time
1:45 Menu : Finger food and drink

To register, click Here


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As a part of Data Science Nigeria’s transition from an Artificial Intelligence learning community into a research and consulting non-profit, the business is expanding its dedicated workforce with the recruitment of three new data scientists. The new, young and energetic data scientists will be working on a special project at the interception of advanced analytics, statistical model development, data visualization and platform development for real-time analytics.

Join us to welcome 3 awesome ladies into our Data Science core team.

Meet the new team members
Sarah Opeyemi Adekunle, Data Scientist:
A Masters’s graduate of Systems Engineering. She is a product of the Microsoft4afrika where she groomed her skills in Data Science and Business Intelligence. She has built industry-level experience in Data Analysis, and Machine Learning use cases. She was the second-best female participant (4th position) at the 2017 Data Science Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp.

Chimaoge Esotu, Data Scientist:
A passionate data scientist with a passion for trends mining. She has built competencies in skilled statistical analysis, machine learning and various types of database management. She has had industry level experience as a data analyst and business performance reporting expert. Chimaoge has hands-on experience in many visualizations, analytical and mathematical programming tools.

Haleemah Oladosu, Data Scientist:
A multi-skilled professional who combines her machine learning skills with software engineering and IT support Administration. An ex-Andela software engineer and a Kaggle participant per excellence with 9 competitions in her kitty. She was in the Top 2% in the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon 2019. She had a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence/Data Mining.


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In its quest to raise 1 million Artificial Intelligence (AI) talents in 10 years and position Nigeria as a leading AI Hub, Data Science Nigeria (DSN) has expanded its learning community model to include a data science consulting and AI solutions delivery. In the last few months, the organisation has delivered solution-oriented machine learning projects, corporate trainings and bespoke consulting to local and international organisations with outstanding commendation of quality.

In order to strengthen its team, the organisation has expanded its consulting and operations workforce with experienced business and growth hacker, technical consulting lead, statisticians/data scientist, software engineers and grant/finance management expert from leading local and global organisations. The new model will also afford DSN a platform to scale up, ensure sustainability through self-funding, validate the Nigeria AI ecosystem, accelerate business use cases and provide hands-on learning opportunities for many DSN members (students, young professionals and beginners) across the country through paid internship and project participation.

Meet the new talents in the team

Michael NwosehStrategic Growth Lead: An experienced business manager, stakeholder and project management expert with 10 years commendable career in the Telecom and Banking industry. He has broad expertise in implementing strategic plans, conducting market research and driving execution excellence. He is also an expert in youth market engagement and strategy development, which is critical in driving our vision to raise 1million AI talents in 10 years.

Olalekan AkinsandeTechnical Delivery Lead: An experienced Data Scientist, Robotics Process Automation(RPA) Developer and Project Manager who previously worked with KPMG Data & Analytics team. Olalekan is proficient in building, deployment and management of end-to-end Data Analytics and Process Automation solution. He has broad experience in leading Data Analytics and Process Automation projects for Clients in the Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Manufacturing, FMCG, Transport and Utility industry.

Olusola Oseni– Software Engineer: An ex-Andela software engineer who will be driving how we find operational fusion of AI and software engineering in solving social and business problems. With PhD grade in his Petroleum Geology postgraduate studies, he has found a new passion in building solutions. He worked for 18 months as a freelance Software Developer before moving to Andela where he was a resident Software Developer and Technical Coordinator for 19 months. One of his works is a data collection app for a leading multinational tracking sale from the field.

Ezekiel OgundepoData Scientist: A first-class Statistics graduate with Master degree from African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Rwanda. He is an expert in Advanced Statistical modelling with professional experience at the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) where he worked to build dynamic taxpayers data portal and automated key statistical reports required by internal and external users. He is an R programming guru with a passion for geospatial analytics, advanced data analytics, visualisation and business application for impact. Ezekiel has used the set skills in data cleaning, analysis, machine learning, and analytical storytelling to provide statistical consultancy for clients in 15 countries as a freelancer.

Ebenezer Don-UgwuSoftware Engineer: A vibrant and young full-stack software engineer, an ex- Andela staff member with a passion for building meaningful products that ease the life of users. He has worked with distributed teams and has a strong passion with regard to AI driven software engineering. He is a versatile professional who is keen on finding solutions through cross-bundled experimentation.

Anaeze Nsoffor Software Engineer: He is a full stack Javascript/Python developer who is an advocate of super-efficient programming. He previously worked at Andela and has rich experience in Node.js, C#, Jquery, Reactjs. He will aid in accelerating our solution creation and find beneficial intersections between software engineering and Machine learning solution delivery.

Tunmise Johnson – Grant/Finance Manager: A Chartered Accountant and expert with solid experience in financial/grant management in both private and public development organisations. He previously worked with a Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation where he managed many international grants. His functional experience spans across Financial Management, Grant management, Process Management, Audit and Financial Modelling.

Join us as we welcome these awesome talents.

You can download the Data Science Nigeria corporate consulting and training brochure here


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In 2020, DSN will be expanding to run 24 city-based AI+ learning meet-ups as part of our scale-up strategy to achieve our 1 million AI talents in 10 years. This will be executed via a structured learning platform for secondary school students, pre-university students, university/polytechnics students and professionals, similar to the AIEveryDay model currently being running at the AI Hub in Lagos.
These AI+ meet-ups will be fully funded by Data Science Nigeria and managed professionally with strong focus on curriculum, quality assurance and opportunity creation for all the community members. It will be managed by a dedicated DSN resource, Program Manager in charge of AI Community, Content and Collaboration. He/She will drive learning engagement, partnership development, support, curriculum/content support etc.

What makes our AI+ City Meet-Up different?
• It will encompass all learning segments. For example, we will use our new book on AI for Primary and secondary schools to train Primary/JSS students during holidays/midterm breaks
• All the tutors and city leads are verified and validated instructors who will also be attending regular DSN classes and workshops on regular basis for quality assurance
• Students who are part of these learning communities will have access to DSN internship, virtual work opportunities and job recommendations – especially with our growing project consulting portfolio for local and international clients.
• Each will be fully funded by Data Science Nigeria and operate in partnership with a local facility provider (Hubs/ Campuses etc.)
• The City Lead will also be responsible for our high-impact strategy to get AI into all primary and secondary schools in Nigeria via a Train-the-trainer programme to equip primary and secondary school teachers across Nigeria with the right basic skills to use our new book on AI/Python programming as part of the curriculum

Benefits for the City Leads
• Access to all DSN mentoring, travel grants and support platforms.
• Participation in DSN projects as a way to earn extra income, particularly through our DataCrowd product.
• Access internship at DSN office in Lagos and DSN partner companies
• Recommendation for DSN third party job placements and scholarship opportunities
• Selected candidates will receive special slot to attend the 2019 AI Bootcamp as part of their capacity building and briefing programme (if they are not currently on the list).

(1) Selected candidates with good experience that can be validated via Kaggle/GitHub/Zindi
(2) Excellent community building and relationship skills that can be proven
(3) The AI City Lead must be available in the city for the next 6-12 months

Cities of Interest:

  • Abuja
  • Sokoto
  • Kano
  • Zaira
  • Jos
  • Bauchi
  • Gombe
  • Yola
  • Ilorin
  • Ibadan
  • Kaduna
  • Lokoja
  • Abeokuta
  • Ijebu-Ode
  • Osogbo
  • Akure
  • Ado-Ekiti
  • Benin City
  • Owerri
  • Enugu
  • Calabar
  • Uyo
  • Port Harcourt
  • Asaba

To Apply: Click Here